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Yoga for your organisation or workplace can bring relaxation and ease to your colleagues and clients while building strength and inner awareness. Jhampa and Choden have been instructing Yoga classes at Market Fitness gym, Wellington Buddhist Centre, and WINS. They lead a variety of styles including Traditional, Restorative, Dance Yoga, Chair Yoga and Soft Yoga.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a slow-moving traditional form of gentle exercise that helps with balance and energy flow. Choden has received Tai Chi training from the Tai Chi for Health Institute and has instructed classes since 2011. Currently she leads Tai Chi at two Aged Care Centres and at the Wellington Senior Citizens hall.

Meditation & Counselling

Our Instructors have trained in meditation and mindfulness for over 20 years and can provide your clients or workplace with a tailored mindfulness program. Also, qualified and trained as Professional Counsellors with many years of experience, we can hold the space for individual or group counselling for depression, grief, anxiety and trauma.

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